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Miwe baglarynda simli ýetişdirme ulgamlarynyň ähmiýeti

Maýda miweli agaçlarda ulanylýan miweli agaçlaryň kök gurluşlarynyň topragyň üsti böleginde bolmagy, ösümligiň topraga baglanma güýjüni peseldýär. Ylaýta-da, miwe bilen ýüklenen agaçlarda soňky wagtlarda çynlakaý howplar ýüze çykýar we millionlarça sarp edilen maýa goýumlaryny howply ýagdaýa goýýar.

Simli ýetişdirme ulgamlary bu howp faktorlarynyň aradan aýrylmagy üçin, biziň günlerimizde bilinýän ýeke-täk usuldyr. Onuň peýdalaryny aşakdaky ýaly belläp bolar:

  • Ösümligiň dogry pudalmagynyň üpjün edilmegi, şeýlelik bilen, ösümlikden alnyp bilinjek maksimum önümçilik maksat edinilýär.

  • Ösümlige daýanç ulgamy bolmagy. Kök ulgamy ýeriň ýüzüne ýakyn bolan bu ösümlikleriň gödek tebigat şertlerinde we miwe ýüki köp bolanda ösümligiň zeperlenmezden ýaşamagy üçin ähmiýetlidir.

  • Ähli meýdanyň gözenek ulgamy bilen ýapylmagy. Simli ýetişdirme ulgamy ulanylýan meýdanlarda setka çekilip ösümlik bilen miwäniň güneş we ýagyn zeperinden goralmagy üpjün edilýär. Şeýlelik bilen, bu faktorlara bagly çynlakaý hasyl ýitgileri we ykdysady zyýanlar hem aradan aýrylýar.

Doly taýýar edilip tabşyrylýan miwe bagynyň gurnama etaplary

• Conducting feasibility studies of investment

• Land selection • Planting and irrigation system planning

• Tools and equipment planning

• Electrical and irrigation water works

• Preparation of land to planting

• Type selection and supply of seedlings

• Establishment of wire finishing-netting and perimeter fence system

• Sapling planting 

• Maintenance and production consultancy.




• The system is fully guaranteed against the complete destruction of the parcel. Revision of the system in the local deformations that may occur is very easy and fast. Strength power is much higher than the old method.

• Manufactured from recycled materials. The amount of money spent on the system when the fruit plant completed its economic life, is of economic value at the end of this time. A large portion of money spent for the system is recovered and it thus provides an important economic contribution to its investor.

• Installation is very fast. While the installation of the 1000 acres of land in the old method can be completed in a period of 12-14 months, this time has been reduced a period of 5-6 months in a new generation galvanized system.

• New Generation Galvanized system can be installed safely even in 5-6 meters in height above ground.

• It is about 5 times lighter than the materials used in the old system. Volumes are also low so much. Therefore, extra cost to be paid to shipping at the installation stage of the plant would be spent for this recoverable system and this provides a significant gain to investor in the future.

• New Generation Galvanized System's labor costs is much lower than the old method.

• Throughout the entire life cycle of the system after the installation phase, the system does not require great care and revisions excluding exceptional circumstances. Operating costs are very low.


•  Poles completely carries the load of New Generation Galvanized System. Because the first part of our system consisting of two parts is considered as a female and manufactured from 2 mm. galvanized sheet. Female part of our poles is produced 1.20 or 1 meter in length according to the soil structure. 1 or 0.80 meter section of this part is put in the soil with special hydraulic or mechanical equipment.

•  20 cm. connection point is left on the soil. The upper male part having the desired length enters into this connection point and the assembly is completed with the help of a five-link bolt.

• After this, the wires will be only applied to these wires. Thus, the poles conduct the carrier tasks, but not the wires.

• Surface areas, therefore the coefficient of friction, are very low compared to poles used in the old system. 

• Wire connection holes opened on the galvanized poles with a special form are considered to minimize the effect of friction as well as to be made the evacuation missions by the wind. In addition, the vibration caused by wind effects has high absorbing capacity with flexible structure.




• Application is very easy and fast.      

• All parts are made of durable and recyclable galvanized materials and so they has all the characteristics of new generation galvanized system.

• It does not require repair and maintenance every year because there is no breakage, as in concrete.

• Loosened or stretched wires due to seasonal conditions can be easily  loosened and stretched through a special roller system. Through this system, the same fruit can be protected from rain.

• If desired, it can be protected from the sun and hail damage by making installation on the net system.

• It can be easily removed and if required, can be easily re-installation in another area.



Full bower vineyard systems is a method which is modular and eliminating labor which will be easily installed on a new generation galvanized system poles applied to land. Network system formed with the aid of 2 mm. thick steel cables inside 4 mm. thick steel cables frame is hung at the desired height to the previously applied poles by using special tensioning apparatus. System tensioned by means of special apparatus  allows the formation of a bower system. Implementation period for large lands is too short. At the same time, it can be closed on the land with the netting against hail and sunburns with the poles established for bower system and thus can also protect against damage.



It is a system having many advantages compared to old method. The system consists of two parts including male and female part. Female part is nailed with hydraulic or mechanical equipment to the desired depth. Then by being installed the upper male part, fence wire mesh, barbed wire or other materials are mounted on the poles.


• Installation is quick and easy.  There is no need to pour concrete on the bottom of poles because the poles are fixed to the ground with nailing method.

• Labor and shipping costs are lower 5 times compared to other methods

• Manufactured from galvanized material and does not require maintenance.

•  It is modular, can be re-applied or stored for years by moving to another area.

• It has high durability strength, not affected by natural conditions.

• It can be rapidly produced in any desired extent. Holes on the poles are prepared as ready for application. They do not require additional labor.

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